Musica Ficta

Early vocal music in Nelson, New Zealand

About MF 30 July 2007

earlymus.jpgMusica Ficta was formed in July 2007 by a small group of singers keen to delve into Early Music and find that middle ground between choral work and solo performance.

Musica Ficta, July 2007Musica Ficta’s premiere concert was a FREE concert at
Nelson Cathedral, 2pm Saturday 1 Dec.

The repertoire for this hour-long concert was entirely sacred, featuring works by Victoria, Tavener and Byrd’s Mass for Four Voices.

Currently, MF is: Jane Quinton(soprano), Trish Sullivan, Hilary Fenemor (alto), Ewen Griffiths, Andrew Fenemor (tenor), Chris Burcin (bass).

The group is designed with the Nelson lifestyle in mind– the commitment is project-to-project, not to the group itself. So, if you are interested in singing with MF (even just for one project), let us know! In future, and depending on the project, the group could have more than 4 voices, and could encompass instrumentalists and could sing repertoire other than early music . . . it is up to the member who initiates a project– anyone can take the lead!

The group takes its name from the technique in Early Music whereby musicians would change notes (add accidentals) throughout the music to avoid harsh intervals like the tritone or “Devil’s Tone”, ex: F – B natural (the singer would change the B to B-flat). Musica Ficta is literally false music, but it is really the result of a learned, well-trained musician’s efforts to make harmonies that fit what their ears expected to hear.

Perhaps with less reverence to the great musical composers and performers of the Renaissance, Musica Ficta has also been defined as:

When you lose your place and have to bluff till you find it again. Also known as ‘faking’.

We like to think this definition has no connection our performances!


These singers have mentioned an interest in Music Ficta projects. Are you interested? Contact one of the members below.

The idea is that any member can initiate a project at any time. We use the Member’s Forum page to discuss ideas and concepts, to contact members, to ask for help sorting out a venue . . .

Keep Early Music alive! Keep singing!


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