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Early vocal music in Nelson, New Zealand

Protected: MF as we know it– UPDATED 3 April 28 March 2009

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Chanel Arts Centre Gig 27 March 2009

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From Trish:

Waaaaahhoooooo finally got hold of Donald of Chanel Arts/Motueka Music Group.

Yes he agrees that would be too much to have two early music things on one weekend. (There’s a Baroque trio on Sat 15 May)
Might we think that even the weekend after is too much too?

But anyway – the place is available to us for the three weekends after that:

22/23/24 May
29/30/31 May (Queens)
5/6/7 June
12/13/14 June
19/20/21 June (possible but getting close to concerts for the Festival of Lights)

He basically said that we can do whatever we want re times/concert. Charge is $80 for evening concert which would include going in for rehearsals too. He doesn’t recommend afternoon concerts. 7.30pm is the norm and he recommends HUGE local advertising efforts as people often say they didn’t know about stuff….

The Music Group don’t advertise concerts other than their own on their mailings so we would have to organise that ourselves. He suggests flyers at the previous concerts…

Trish’s thoughts : I’m busy on afternoon of 23rd & I can’t do the weekend of 30/31 May at all. I would be happy to create and post out advertising if everyone helps with creating the mailing list of friends & contacts.


Matona Mia Cara explained 16 March 2009

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The Kings Singers are very good for this kinda interpretation stuff, aren’t they?

Hillary and Andrew have suggested we add “Matona Mia Cara” to our repertoire. Have a listen to the Kings’ Singers version:

and if you believe Choral Public Domain, the meaning can be quite rude indeed!


Protected: The Current List of Pieces (with Links) 14 March 2009

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Rehearsal Schedule, Pieces and Homework 12 March 2009

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Thanks for another great wine-and-cheese-filled rehearsal tonight.

We really felt the absence of Ewen and Yvonne! Hopefully, we can get everyone for the next few rehearsals.

We agreed on these rehearsals up to Easter:

  • Thursday 19 March– Waimea College M Block– 7.30pm
  • Sunday 29 March– Waimea College M Block– 3pm
  • Thursday 2 April– the “Coal Bunker” (Nelson)– 7.30pm
  • Thurdsay 9 April– Lyndal’s place with the distractingly-fantastic view–7.30pm

We also agreed that:

  • We still aim for a concert on the weekend of 15-17 May
  • Trish will check out venue options in Motueka (Chanel Arts Centre)
  • The Fenemors will check out Founders as a venue (church or Granary)
  • The ladies bring wine next time
  • We start the rehearsal with singing and crack open the wine at a break

Perhaps most importantly, we discussed a priority order of pieces to look at before next rehearsal. We spent a bit of time note bashing because none of us (with the possible exception of altos– well, Trish) knew our parts well enough to keep the tough pieces going.

And for this to work, we all need to do our homework and arrive with notes learnt! (and Chris is definitely admitting defeat on this count this week) Of course, it helps to know which pieces we will work on so:


  1. Il bianco e dolce cigno
  2. le chant des oyseaux
  3. El grillo
  4. Contrapunto Bestiale
  5. Old Mother Hubbard
  6. The Nightingale (ladies only)
  7. Chi Chilichi
  8. Faire Phyllis
  9. Cucu Cucu
  10. The Silver Swan
  11. Of all the birds

Amor and La Bomba are, sadly, on the back burner at present


Finally, we all have a bit of homework to do. As we only have about 17 minutes of music so for this concert, it’s important that we all:

  • Each find at least one more piece that is in some way related to animals (aim for the 1500-early 1600s)

La Bomba Explained

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Who wants to go in the boat with me? (Quien quiere entrar comigo en el barco? Quien quiere entrar comigo a la mar? Que soi marinero y se navegar.)

La Bomba, an *ensalada, is a musical skit in which we are flung immediately into disaster: the ship is sinking! Rush to the pumps! Swim for your life, if you know how. Oh saints, help us; if we’re saved, we’ll go barefoot to Santiago, even to Jerusalem.

(*Flecha is best remembered for his ensaladas, a genre like the quodlibet, full of quotations from previously existing music.)
(paraphrased from

The Kings’ Singers explain, and do their best to illustrate, La Bomba (the Pump):


Next Rehearsal Thurs 12 March 7 March 2009

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Thanks, everyone, for a great first get-together Friday night. And thanks for bringing all that cheese!

In the end, we decided that aiming for two concerts was a good idea.

  • “Contrapunto Bestiale”– tentatively planned for the weekend of 15-17 May
  • Messe de Notre Dame (Machaut)— or some other sacred work, for later in the year. Perhaps the NSOM Winter Festival?

Next rehearsal: Thursday 12 March 7.30pm at #14 the Cliffs (Lyndal’s place)guys are bringing the wine this time.

We agreed that all 7 of us could prepare for the first concert, and perhaps all sing some pieces and have just quartets sing others– that way we could divide up the workload.

Thinking about doing one concert in Mot at the Chanel Arts Centre (who wants to check availability?) and another somewhere in Nelson.

We might be a bit thin on the ground for altos for the second concert, but I’m not giving up yet.

I’ll upload our recordings onto the site soon, just for your interest.

Please leave a comment re: your availability so we can plan remaining rehearsals